Partizan access control system is installed at the one of the largest factories in the world.


The objectives:

CIE Automotiv is one of the largest international companies engaged in automobile replacement parts manufacturing. Among their clients, there are famous brands like Tesla, Volksvagen, BMW, Jaguar, Ford and many others.

To understand the scale of their business, production lines of CIE Automotiv are located in 101 countries all around the globe. One of them is in Oradea, Romania. This is where our story goes.

Project specifics:

The security service of the factory located in Oradea contacted to Zeco Electronics company for the purpose of installation of an access control system. It was required to equip more than 50 passage points throughout all the territory of the plant.

By the agreement terms, the installation company had to provide several solutions from various security equipment manufacturers and tell about functional characteristics of each of them in detail. After considering all options, the consumer made their choice in favor of Partizan access control system. This solution was the winner not only in price to quality factor, but in functionality as well.

The solution

There were 50 network controllers PAC-22.NET and 100 readers PAR-E6 Black installed in the object.

This model of controller is designed for two two-way passage points (2 doors, 4 readers). Non-volatile memory of the controller can store data for 10 years without electric supply, and holds information on 30 000 users and 60 000 events.

The main advantage of all Partizan network controllers is that they are independent from each other, but can be easily assembled into a united, holistic system.

Free software supplied with the equipment provides time attendance control, photo verification module, access control management, has a module of graphic plans, and also allows for creating unlimited remote workstations and connecting unlimited number of controllers into one system.

The result

Zeco Electronics easily managed to install and set up a solution for this large-scale project, as this is not the first time they provide to their clients access control solutions from Partizan. The customer is satisfied with the results and the way their security system works, because Partizan solutions are not only secure and cost effective, they are really comfortable to work with.

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